Maintain brand consistency with advanced marketing compliance software

Inefficient content review workflows allow critical branding elements to fall by the wayside; compromising brand perception and impacting your bottom line.

Advanced compliance technology and formal brand content development processes are the keys to surviving the fast-paced, ever-changing, and increasingly regulated marketing landscape. Using your predetermined rules and our custom logic, Red Marker analyses text and images on marketing and advertising content to identify potential risks and misalignment with your brand standards. With powerful machine learning technology and advanced website scanning capabilities, you’ll have full coverage and control of your brand content and ensure accuracy and consistency.


Marketers Need...
Compliance Tech for Brand Content

Demands to increase production puts added pressure on content review teams to check all marketing and website material for compliance within tight timeframes.

An effective brand consistency checklist must account for miscommunications, misinformation and brand elements displayed outside pre-defined standards.

Red Marker scans thousands of pages of marketing and website content automatically and provides real-time compliance feedback as much as 30 times faster than manual review.

Manage brand consistency, compliance and reputation with Red Marker’s AI-based platform

Without a thorough, automated compliance process, it’s more challenging to ensure brand consistency as misalignments in messaging and visual identity can cost marketing teams time and money and potentially damage a brand’s standing with customers. Is there a solution for today's legal and marketing professionals? 

Here are some of the ways Red Marker's brand marketing tool for compliance can be customized to fit your current review workflow:

  • Leverage advanced risk detection logic and AI to automate and accelerate current content review processes.

  • Quickly scan websites and marketing materials in any content format (PDF, XLS/CSV) for high-risk phrases, misalignment in brand visuals and voice, and industry-specific legal content.

  • Make Red Marker an extension of your team by emailing content to our system as needed for instant, automated review.


Create compliant branding and marketing material faster with Red Marker

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