Marketing Legal Toolkit
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In today’s environment, there is increased financial pressure to do more with less in legal teams that are already restricted by headcount. With consumers reacting faster than ever across social media to deceptive and misleading content, and the volume of marketing ever increasing, many organisations are identifying compliance as a significant pain point.

So, are you ready to transform your marketing compliance but don't know where to start? Our Marketing Legal Toolkit lays out a roadmap to success!

Ad Compliance Handbook
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Elevate your advertising compliance capabilities. Get actionable insights from the Red Marker Advertising Compliance Handbook.

Reduce time, effort and cost of your advertising compliance process and increase efficiency within your content review workflow. Discover how to mitigate risk and meet the increasing demand for compliant content.

Artificial Intelligence White Paper

The robots are not coming for your job.

Artificial Intelligence is set to become one of the most disruptive forces of the coming century, but when it comes to automation, its impact may be far from what some are expecting. We explore the possibilities of this evolving future in our three-part whitepaper series titled 'The robots are not coming for your job'

We cover the fundamentals of AI, automation and Machine Learning, explore how to make accurate comparisons between human and AI performance, and take a look at the more complex ethical implications of AI. Download each part below!