AI Powered

Advertising Compliance

Reduce the time, effort and cost of your advertising compliance process with our patented machine learning platform.


What we do

We automatically analyse marketing content for probabilistic compliance risk and provide a workflow solution to manage the compliance process.

Document scanning for compliance risk
Webpage scanning for compliance risk
Convert legal checklists into digital rules

Accelerate your compliance process

By identifying risks as content is produced, we minimise back-and-forth and free up your resources to focus on more value added work.

Convert checklists into digital rules
Upload content and apply rules
Review and solve identified risks
Finalise and approve content

Turn compliance into a strategic advantage

Increase Productivity
Take full advantage of the power of digital marketing with faster turnaround times and increased content velocity.

Expand Surveillance
Review all web and print content, more regularly, with a more predictable level of accuracy.

Encourage Transparency & Consistency
Bring compliance, marketing, and management teams together on one platform with one workflow.


Featured: Artificial Intelligence Whitepaper

The Robots are not coming for your job

Part 1: Hybrid Solutions

Artificial Intelligence is set to become one of the most disruptive forces of the coming century, but when it comes to automation, its impact may be far different to what some are expecting. In the coming months we will be publishing three AI whitepapers in the series titled 'The Robots are not coming for your job'.

Part 1 of this series explores historical attitudes towards automation and AI, and examines how technological advancements often lead to the formation of 'hybrid solutions' between humans and technology.

We also delve into some of the technical differences between AI, ML, algorithms, and models, and the different approaches to Machine learning.