Marketing content

Create better, more compliant content.

We analyse the text and images in documents to find the things you're not meant to say, fast and efficiently.

Wide range of file types: PDF, doc(x), png, jpg, pptx,

+ more

High risk words

Incorrect disclaimers

Unclear promotion language

Integration to workflow tools

Misleading phrases

Supercharge your marketing compliance

Automate the time-consuming parts of your reviews to
make your reviews faster.


Up to 30 times faster than manual review.

Red Marker annotates risky content like an expert would.


Review email attachments
Email us your content and we will send you back a review.

PDF download
Download fully annotated PDFs compatible with Adobe. 

Our capabilities

Disclosures / disclaimers

e.g. check if a disclaimer is present, prominence, readable, or similar to expected standard.


e.g. check a logo is present or check a catch phrase is accurate.

Semantic similarity

e.g., Find high risk phrases based on previous examples

Font size

e.g., Text is below 8px making
it too hard to read.

Near match

e.g., Highlight attempted disclaimers/disclosures.

Advanced logic

e.g. check for presence,  absence across text and images.

Anomaly detection

e.g., Ensure a product/service is described with the same tone


e.g. check product prices are consistent.


e.g. check all dates are after today's date.

External data

e.g. Get current market rate and make sure document is the same.

Find added/missing text

e.g., Disclaimers are modified or missing from a document.

Find sections in a document

e.g., find the disclaimer /
disclosure section

First, last in document or page

e.g., First page must contain a disclaimer


e.g. Check all numbers have the correct symbol (%, $, £).

OCR text

e.g. upload an image and extract the text for review.

Plans to suit every organization
$1,060 USD

per user / month

$3,180 USD

/ month

includes 3 users

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