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To maintain relevance in the marketplace, brands are increasing demands for marketers to create more valuable touchpoints with potential customers. But in highly-regulated industries, stringent compliance laws and growing brand scrutiny from the media hinders marketing teams from producing customer-facing content faster. 

How can you compete?

Red Marker’s SaaS marketing compliance platform enables marketers to quickly produce content that is compliant with brand and regulatory standards, streamlining its path to approval. 

A “spell check” for regulatory and brand compliance, Red Marker gives marketers easy-to-use tools to check their draft marketing and advertising content for compliance against custom requirements.

Marketing Content Compliance with Red Marker AI

Document Scanning for Marketing Compliance

Red Marker’s user-driven compliance platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to integrate compliance checks into marketer’s existing workflows. 

The Document Scanning solution scans and analyzes hundreds of documents in seconds to identify instances of potential risk—from high-risk, misleading statements to outdated branding and promotions. Marketers can initiate automated legal review at any stage, and can adjust their drafted content to meet compliance requirements with real-time feedback.  

Why use Document Scanning technology?

  • Produce compliant content faster

  • Manage outcomes on all marketing and advertising

  • Scan and analyze hundreds of documents

  • Conduct marketing/legal review up to 30x faster

  • Reduce spend and staffing on document review 

  • Leverage better workflows with integrations

  • Ensure compliance accuracy

Digital Asset Management Integrations

Red Marker’s API allows for deeper integration with a range of digital asset management and content creation tools like Aprimo, Google Docs and Asana that are critical for successful marketers. 


Integrations are also available upon request because your outcomes are only as great as Red Marker’s output.

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Microsoft Word


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Microsoft PowerPoint

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Custom Risk Detection Technology
for Marketing Compliance

The market is saturated with providers that leverage AI-principles, but very few are more than just a “word search machine.” 

Red Marker’s custom risk detection technology powers two services—the Document Scanning platform and monthly Web Reports. Standing out from other marketing and legal tech providers, Red Marker isn’t just customized to you, it’s customized for you.

Simple, Uncomplicated Customization

Upon onboarding, Implementation teams get to know your business to set up your rules, requirements, and triggers and Client Success teams show you how to make the most out of the software.

Based on your products, services and risk appetite, Red Marker will know exactly what to look for to protect you from regulatory and brand risk.

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Take the next step in achieving better and repeatable compliance outcomes with our free guides.

Utilize Red Marker’s materials to evaluate your current marketing and legal review processes, see where automated marketing compliance can offer improvements, and learn how to make the most out of custom risk detection technology.


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