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Risk detection

Custom logic for your marketing content and website reviews.

We build custom logic to look for specific risks in content, images, and websites.

Industry-specific risks

Product qualifications

Promotional conditions

Incorrect disclaimers

Risky image content

Licenses and Certifications

Monitor the risks that matter to you most

We turn your unique compliance requirements into powerful risk detection logic.


Analyze complex conditions and relationships within content.

Trained using your data, we detect the risks you want.



Risk detection logic is revised to ensure high performance.

Customized to account for specific industry needs.

Our capabilities


Check for prominence of qualifications, and disclaimer readability.


Consistency of phrases, words, symbols, images, and logos.

OCR text

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that reads and analyses text in images.

Font size

Find variations in font, prominence, and text that is too small to read.

Hidden content

Dropdowns, pop ups, and any other content that is on a page but not immediately viewable.


Financial authorizations, and registrations from governing bodies.

Advanced logic

Presence / absence of linked concepts across text and images.


Correct usage of characters and symbols including percentages (%), currencies ($£), and dates.

Per page / per site

Apply logic to each page individually or the website as a whole.

Any website

Monitor your own sites, and any public 3rd party websites such as vendors & channel partners.

Plans for every organization
Risk detection
for Marketing Content
$750 USD

per risk

(for clients on Advanced / Enterprise licenses)

Risk detection
for Websites
$750 USD

per risk

(for clients on Advanced licenses)

Prices are stated exclusive of GST, VAT or other applicable sales tax. All pricing information and features stated above are indicative only and are subject to change. Access to Red Marker’s products and services is subject to acceptance of Red Marker’s applicable terms and conditions (details available on request).

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