Risk detection

Custom logic for your marketing content and website reviews.

We build custom logic to look for specific risks in content, images, and websites.

Industry-specific risks

Product qualifications

Promotional conditions

Incorrect disclaimers

Risky image content

Licenses and Certifications

Monitor the risks that matter to you most

We turn your unique compliance requirements into powerful risk detection logic.


Analyze complex conditions and relationships within content.

Trained using your data, we detect the risks you want.



Risk detection logic is revised to ensure high performance.

Customized to account for specific industry needs.

Our capabilities

Disclosures / disclaimers

e.g. check for presence, prominence, readability, and accuracy of disclaimers.

OCR text

Extract and read text from images for review.


e.g. Check prices are consistent in the document

Hidden web content

e.g. dropdowns, pop ups, and any other content that is on a page but not immediately viewable.

Domain discovery

We use keywords and search terms to find websites that you need to monitor.

Near match

e.g., Highlight attempted disclaimers/disclosures.

Find added/missing text

e.g., Disclaimers are modified or missing from a document.

Proximity of elements

e.g., Price must always be in the same sentence as the product


e.g. check a logo is present or check a catch phrase is accurate.

Font size

e.g., Text is below 8px making
it too hard to read


e.g. Check all dates are
after today


e.g. check financial authorizations, and registrations from governing bodies.

Multi language

We scan and analyse content on non-English websites.

Any website

Monitor your own sites, and any public 3rd party websites such as vendors & channel partners.

Find sections in a document

e.g., find the disclaimer /
disclosure section

Advanced logic

e.g. presence / absence of linked concepts across text and images.

Semantic similarity

e.g., Find high risk phrases based on previous examples

Numbers and currencies

e.g., Check all numbers have the correct symbol (%, $, £).

External data

e.g., Get current market rate and make sure document is the same

Per page / per site

Apply logic to each page individually or the website as a whole.

Webpage to PDF

We convert HTML webpages

to PDF documents so they are easy for you to review.

Anomaly detection

e.g., Ensure a product/service is described with the same tone

First, last in document or page

e.g., First page must contain a disclaimer

Customized comments

Provide feedback to users about the specific changes needed

Plans for every organization
Risk detection
for Marketing Content
$750 USD

per risk

(for clients on Advanced / Enterprise licenses)

Risk detection
for Websites
$750 USD

per risk

(for clients on Advanced licenses)

Prices are stated exclusive of GST, VAT or other applicable sales tax. All pricing information and features stated above are indicative only and are subject to change. Access to Red Marker’s products and services is subject to acceptance of Red Marker’s applicable terms and conditions (details available on request).

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