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Compliance Solutions
for Marketing Content

Improve the marketing content review process for a simpler and more effective approach to legal compliance.

Automatically analyze document text and images, and identify potential risks in promotional and advertising content more accurately and efficiently to ensure brand and legal compliance.

Red Marker Benefits

Advanced Compliance Tech for Advertising & Marketing Content

Red Marker helps companies automate and simplify the complex and time-consuming content review process to quickly and accurately identify risk. 

Through its innovative artificial intelligence and powerful machine learning capabilities, Red Marker annotates risky content just like an expert would - but faster and at scale.

Our fully customizable marketing content compliance solution, utilized by companies in a range of sectors, is up to 30 times more efficient than manual legal review. With the capability to automatically identify potentially risky content on thousands of web pages and documents, marketers are provided  with real-time compliance feedback to create more accurate, compliant content, faster.


Automated Efficiency at Scale

Quickly identify incorrect legal disclaimers and other risky marketing and advertising content.


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How Red Marker
Compliance Software Works

The only thing easier than getting started with Red Marker is using the system within your marketing and legal review processes. With support for numerous file types and an API to support deeper integration with 3rd-party tools, Red Marker brings your marketing and advertising content one step closer to compliance.

 Step One

Set the rules and requirements, along with their triggers to identify risk within marketing, advertising or promotional content.

 Step Two

Integrate Red Marker technology into your existing marketing and legal workflows, utilizing the system to manage feedback, changes, and risk.

Step Three

Monitor marketing content automatically for changes in language and tone, or the positioning of critical elements on your website or that of its partners.

Explore the Capabilities of Red Marker

Offering easy-to-use features that are both simple and sophisticated, discover the benefits that Red Marker’s content marketing compliance solutions provide today’s regulation and compliance-conscious brands.


Content Compliance & Oversight

Take control of content and the process it undergoes for legal compliance review. The Red Marker system can automatically check if disclaimers are included and presented to expected standards, and identifies high-risk phrases that put your brand in jeopardy.


  • Promotional conditions

  • Disclosures and disclaimers

  • Misleading statements

  • High risk phrases

Powerful Search & Monitoring

Quickly locate newly added text and flag for modified or missing disclaimers from any type of document. Red Marker clients can also check for inconsistencies in pricing or other calculations across their customer and client-facing content and messaging.


  • Advanced search

  • Brand and visual monitoring

  • Dates

  • Missing text

  • Find added/missing text

  • Find sections (disclosure)


Advanced Logic & External Data

Red Marker is a highly customizable compliance system that can be set up to check for the presence or absence of specific content for both text and images, and can even retrieve external data to ensure the content within documents matches current information exactly. 


  • Regulation-specific compliance (licensing and certifications) - Risk detection

  • Anomaly detection

  • External data

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Discover how Red Marker’s compliance solution can be used within content and legal review for marketing and advertising teams.