Automated Website Compliance Monitoring

Gain visibility into your risk exposure on the web and have complete compliance coverage over affiliate brand domains with monthly Web Reports. 

Red Marker monitors both your own websites and third party websites for instances of brand and regulatory risk and provides detailed monthly reports on detected content. By providing direct compliance feedback, Red Marker’s powerful automation software helps legal teams proactively address risk while creating efficiencies in the marketing review process. 

Legal Compliance for Marketing Content

How it Works:
Web Page Content Monitoring Software

Combining machine learning with its advanced web content scanning capability, Red Marker analyzes thousands of web pages to ensure brand and regulatory compliance requirements are met. From checking for updated licensing and disclaimers to ensuring consistency on web content, Red Marker gives you the confidence to manage your online presence and meet regulations.

Rule Setting in Legal Compliance

 Step One

Set the rules and requirements, along with their triggers to identify risk on online  marketing content.

AI Compliance Technology

 Step Two

Select which domains you need scanned, or instruct Red Marker to identify websites that mention your products and services.

Website Complane Monitoring

Step Three

Red Marker will scan web content for language that does not meet your risk appetite, or audit designated domains to confirm the display of critical elements.

Web Reports from Red Marker

Delivering a sophisticated, easy-to-use service to protect you from brand and regulatory harm, discover all the benefits that Red Marker’s web compliance checker provides:

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Proactive Compliance Risk Management

Red Marker sheds light into an area of marketing compliance that is typically a blind spot for reviewers: the world wide web. The Red Marker system checks thousands of pages for high-risk content like out-of-date promotions, incorrect disclaimers and misleading phrasing. Legal and compliance teams can rely on a safety net to reduce brand and regulatory damage risk while leveraging faster, more efficient web content review processes.

Complete Web Compliance Coverage

Advanced web monitoring technology scans any website, identifies risky content against set rules and applies custom logic to offer detailed feedback. Monthly Web Reports will share detailed insights on flagged items like high-risk text or inconsistent branding across owned or third party domains to offer full coverage over your brand’s online compliance.

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Customized Web Content Review

Red Marker is a highly customizable, AI-based compliance management system. Based on your company’s risk appetite, industry-specific requirements and brand standards, the system is set up to flag any instances of non-compliance or potential risk. Through conditional logic and external data features, Red Marker checks that your products and services are described in a similar way on any website you need to monitor and share matching information with.

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