AI Powered

Marketing Compliance

Reduce the time, effort and cost of your marketing legal process

Marketing content

We analyze marketing and advertising content for compliance risk, fitting seamlessly into your legal review process.


Automated webscan reporting services that monitor websites for risky content to meet your unique compliance and legal needs.

Risk detection

Transform manual, paper-based checklists and processes into automated risk detection. Track industry specific requirements and look for complex and specific risks to suit your risk appetite.

Need some inspiration? Our Advertising compliance handbook lays out a detailed roadmap for revolutionising your compliance process. Check it out today!

Marketing reviews that are smart and secure

Analytics & Reporting

Track overall risk performance with out-of-the-box reporting. Custom reports also available.

Integration to workflow tools

Keep your existing workflow by integrating with our RESTful API. (see our API docs here).

Best practice security

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, so you can rest easy knowing your content is secure.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Manage user access centrally with your preferred Single Sign-On provider (additional cost).

Two-factor login

Enhance your login security with
two-factor authentication.

Data sovereignty

Keep your data within your country of choice, including Australia, the USA, the UK.

Targeted risk detection, broadly applicable

Red Marker can effectively automate all the stuff that is boring...that leads to an improvement in both the work that the person is doing and the outcome for the customer.

- Nigel Bond

General Counsel, Westpac Banking Corporation

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