The Return on Red Marker

What is the expected return on investment from the Red Marker compliance software?

The benefits of a compliance automation solution are immense - from boosting productivity, improving accuracy, and helping organizations reduce legal and compliance risk.

Discover how Red Marker's compliance software brought a positive ROI to one of Australia's largest financial institutions and contact our team of specialists to find out how your company can reduce risk and maximize performance. 

Compliance Errors Through Inefficiencies One of Australia's largest financial institutions publishes 20,000 pieces of marketing collateral a year, requiring an hour of review with a 4 day turnaround.  Taking Ownership to Ensure Accuracy Red Marker trained the client's employees on how to use the compliance system. This level of ownership within the content review process drove transformational change within the legal and marketing departments.  Pathway to Compliance Success As their partnership with Red Marker grew, the client expanded its scope and established different rule sets. With the newfound savings in time and resources, the client achieved greater speed to market.  Repeatable, Reliable, and Profitable The client saved $950,000 annually on legal expert advice. By reducing turnaround time to a single day, the equivalent of 30,000 days in working hours was saved. Reviewers were able to work 50% faster.
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