Red Marker API Integrations

In delivering an optimal user experience and helping marketing and legal professionals streamline their compliance efforts, our implementation consultants are always monitoring the latest project management and web applications to consider for integration with our platform.

With the support of our API, Red Marker users can incorporate the 3rd-party tools they use every day into their workflows to bring their marketing and advertising content one step closer to compliance.


All Apps

Microsoft Word

Speed up compliance review and accelerate your speed to market by deploying the Microsoft Word add-in. Marketing and legal professionals can apply custom risk detection to their content as they write it.

ACA Compliance Alpha

Financial service professionals will improve the efficiency of marketing review by combining ACA’s regulatory technology platform, ComplianceAlpha, with Red Marker’s automated risk detection system.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Ensure your advertising collateral is compliant before it’s sent to legal with Red Marker’s PowerPoint integration. While working on your presentation, users may prompt Red Marker to scan your content and apply your custom rules and risk detection logic to your document.


Enterprise organizations that turn to Aprimo for their digital asset and productivity management needs will love running automated risk detection directly on their marketing content to fast-track their compliant content development.

Google Docs

A perfect integration for Google Workspace users, the Google Docs extension speeds up content development by providing real-time compliance feedback directly into your working document.

Bethebrand logo.jpeg

Integrate bethebrand, a brand and marketing workflow and compliance system favored by UK and other international brands with Red Marker. Maximize performance and ensure compliance alignment by adding Red Marker to your bethebrand platform.


Manage the progress of ongoing marketing tasks  and conduct compliance reviews all in the same place. Simply assign Red Marker with reviewing your marketing collateral through Asana, and Red Marker will send back an annotated PDF.

Email-In Functionality

To have Red Marker quickly scan your content provided by your marketing team, forward your document to your location-specific email contact to receive an annotated PDF outlining potential risk within minutes.


Red Marker’s partnership with IntelligenceBank supports marketers’ every need as they plan, create, and organize their advertising and marketing collateral. Delivering automated efficiency at scale, ensuring brand and regulatory compliance has never been easier.

Red Oak

Offering well-rounded compliance support, Red Marker’s integration with Red Oak advertising review software provides compliance professionals with high-quality customer service and AI-based capabilities to better navigate the regulatory landscape.

Veeva Vault ProMats

Life science companies can produce commercial, compliant content even faster with the help of Red Marker. Combining real-time marketing compliance feedback with integrated medical and regulatory review, users can increase speed to market with streamlined processes.

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Need additional integrations?

If you’re not seeing an application you would like to leverage as a Red Marker user, please let us know and we can request to have an integration created!

Interested in integrating?

There are many benefits to becoming an integration partner with Red Marker. Whether you’re looking to expand your platform’s user base or break into a new market, we would love to discuss how we can work together.