Our solutions

Document scanning for compliance risk

Red Marker has developed a patented Legal Tech platform that uses AI and Machine Learning to analyze digital marketing content for compliance risk and provides a workflow solution to manage the compliance process.

30x faster than manual process
Speed up turnaround and increase marketing content velocity.

Unlimited Capacity
Immediately review 100% of marketing content. 

Real-time feedback
Upskill content creators with actionable, contextualized feedback.

Webpage scanning for compliance risk

We offer a web scanning service to monitor websites for risky content through automated scanning and application of rules. Minimize risks and keep everyone on the same page.

Easy to implement
Web scanning can be run as a standalone service with no client technology work required.

Turn insight into action with our tools to track and manage website content 'fixes'.

Tailored reports can be issued every 30 days summarizing activity and findings.

Wondering how many pages are on your site?

Try the Red Marker site scanner to find out!

Convert legal checklists
into digital rules

Our platform allows us to transform manual, paper-based checklists into custom built rules that allow everyone to understand how risks are being identified.

Custom rules built and delivered in a number of weeks.

Sector specific
Access to out of the box industry specific rules.

Leverage your expertise
Support risk and compliance teams to build rules specific to your field.

Our platform in action

Product Brochure

Check out our product brochure for an overview of who we are, what we do, and how our solutions work. Or, book a demo  today to experience the platform for yourself!

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