Monitor Website Content
for Legal Compliance

Gain immediate visibility and feedback on the promotional Web content to ensure compliance with marketing laws and regulations.

Automatically scan thousands of web pages to flag for inconsistencies within critical site elements and detect potentially risky content. Red Marker’s powerful automation software creates efficiencies in content review workflows while providing real-time compliance feedback to meet stringent industry-specific regulations.

Legal Compliance for Marketing Content

How Red Marker Compliance Software Works

The only thing easier than getting started with Red Marker is integrating the system within your content review processes. With support for numerous file types and an API to support deeper integration with 3rd-party tools, Red Marker brings your marketing and advertising content one step closer to compliance.

Rule Setting in Legal Compliance

 Step One

Set the rules and requirements, along with their triggers to identify risk within marketing, advertising or promotional content.

AI Compliance Technology

 Step Two

Integrate Red Marker technology into your existing content review workflow, utilizing the system to ensure web content is compliant with marketing and advertising regulations.

Website Complane Monitoring

Step Three

Monitor marketing content automatically for changes in language and tone, or the positioning of critical elements on your website or that of its partners.

Explore the Capabilities of Red Marker

Offering easy-to-use features that are both simple and sophisticated, discover the benefits that Red Marker’s content marketing compliance solutions provide today’s regulation and compliance-conscious brands.

Monitor Web
Content Compliance

Take control of your website content and have better oversight of the process it undergoes for review to ensure regulatory compliance. The Red Marker system instantly checks thousands of pages for high-risk content like out of date promotions, incorrect disclaimers and misleading phrasing.

Automated Web Page Monitoring

Red Marker scans any website, in any language, and identifies risky content using your rules and applying custom logic. Regular web reports will share detailed insights on attempted disclosures and disclaimers and other high-risk images and text to have full coverage on your brand’s website compliance.

Advanced Logic & External Data

Red Marker is a highly customizable, AI-based compliance management system that can be set up to ensure your website’s content adheres to strict brand standards. Through conditional logic and other AI-based features, Red Marker identifies high-risk phrasing and checks that products and services are described in a similar tone on any website you need to monitor.

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